Symbiotic alliances
stand the test of time

Symbiotic alliances
stand the test of time

They are a way to create a mutually beneficial eco-system

Edge Excellence is not just about the work in Alliances. It’s about bringing transformation in the way Alliance building and management happens. Here are three initiatives we are bringing to your table.

Customer Base Exchange (CBE)

This is Voucher Program 2.0 – the next level. It’s a way of multiplying reach by creating a collective of customer resources from partnering companies. 

Its a way to kick-start and boost marketing numbers in a hesitant, corona-hit world. We create programmes where brands and corporates can provide services and products in exchange for partnering brands and services. This way opening up customer bases of all partnering brands to each other and creating a mega pool of customer bases. Our current CBE number is 30 million customers. 

Cross-domain Synergy Hub

It’s an enclave where brands can forge exclusive and customized alliances. The Hub provides brands with optics for future alliance directions.
Alliance partners should be visible to each other, enter into meaningful dialogue. One of the critical services we offer are exclusive synergies for brands. Co-branded programmes, mutual service exchanges and symbiotic marketing relations are all results that can emerge from the Hub. Clients and Associates are all part of our synergy database where they can discover joint platforms.

Alliance Back-end Bureau

It’s like a BPO for alliances. Gives business and marketing teams a virtual department that runs independently. 

Given the band-width issues of marketing teams, we put together a back-end desk that handles all the customer interactions from first point of contact to fulfilment. Our neutral third-party service keeps the customer relationships fair and transparent. Proper technology is deployed, detailed paperwork is maintained and reporting structures are committed.

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